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As you are looking at our site, we assume that you are looking for a professional "Loft Conversion" plan drawing service.

First and foremost, we only work on loft conversions plans and have done so now for over 25 years. As a result of all this time spent within the industry, we have an unmatched expertise in designing and preparing plans which are individually tailored to your own specific requirements

Alternatively, if you have no idea of what sort of conversion can be carried out within your loft, we can advise you on all the available options, no matter what sort of property you live in. This site will allow you to browse through our selected designs, these can be viewed  here..

If you are contemplating converting your loft, the normal course of action would beto employ a professional loft conversion company who would then undertake all aspects of the project, through to the final completed conversion. More often than not these companies employ the services of specialists, such as ourselves to prepare their drawings and obtain all of the requisite Building Regulation and Planning permissions. We are currently preparing drawings for six well established Loft Conversion Companies throughout England and Wales.

Whilst this is the normal procedure, we are frequently being contacted by clients who already have a builder for the conversion and only require the plan drawing service, therefore removing the need for the specialist loft company. This will usually result in saving a considerable amount of your money.